Industrial Automation with PLC


About Course:
This course is specially design for beginners who want to start learning PLC from scratch. The videos are structures as basic level. The PLC which is used to in this course is Bosch Rexroth’s IndraLogic XLC L25 with the software IndraWorks Engineering.

The course has been structured into following main topics:

• Industrial Revolution
• Basics of PLC
• Hardware of PLC (XLC L25)
• Software for PLC Programming (Indra Logic)
• Programming of PLC
• Application Example using PLC

The students can utilize the knowledge gained in this course in kick start career in automation or their science projects. After learning this course, the students can implement logics, write algorithms, connect the PLC with sensors and actuators, can design their own application and start programming it. This course is in Hindi language however at some part English is being used.

• Basic knowledge of digital electronics
• Understanding of voltage and current
• Knowledge of programming and flow charts

Target Audience:
Students looking for basic PLC tutorials (after SSC any)

Tools Used:
IndraWorks 13V16 Engineering Simulator for programming IndraLogic XLC L25. Different simulator software is used to program different brand of PLC.

Course Curriculum

Course and Lab Introduction
Course Overview 00:02:00
History of Automation
Industry Revolution 00:04:00
Introduction to PLC
Basics of PLC 00:07:00
PLC Hardware 00:15:00
PLC Software 00:11:00
Basics of PLC Programming
Creating ladder diagram from process control system : NO/NC Concept 00:06:00
Latching/Unlatching Concept 00:07:00
Latching/Unlatching implementation with Set/Reset Logic 00:00:00
Interlocking Concept 00:08:00
AND, OR, NOT and EX-OR logic using NO/NC contact 00:13:00
Logic Gate Application: Boolean Algebra, Developing circuits from Boolean Expression expressions 00:00:00
Logic Gate implementation using inbuilt function block 00:12:00
Programming Timers 00:09:00
Programming Counters 00:15:00
Different Integer Maths Instructions 00:05:00
Creation of function block 00:14:00
Various Applications of PLC
PLC Applications : Sequential Tank Filling Problem 00:10:00
PLC Applications : Door Automation System 00:11:00
PLC Applications : Gate Control System 00:10:00
PLC Applications : Star – Delta start-up system 00:07:00
Reaction Vessel control System 00:10:00
Bending Tool Automation System 00:10:00
Get your certificate 00:00:00

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