Web Design with HTML/CSS

Now design your own website with minimal coding. Use HTML/CSS to create beautiful pages.


Are you looking for a best way to learn how to build beautiful websites with HTML5 and CSS3 and want to make your career in web development? Then this course is for you.

This course will not only introduce you to the basic of html and css but also make you capable of developing real word responsive webpage.


Reasons to buy this course.

1)This course is build by a view point of someone who is totally new to coding and even for them who have basic knowledge of web development.


2) Every part is explained step by step and in detail.


3) you will not only learn to code but also learn to build a corporate ready web page.





  • A setup with decent config.
  • No basic knowledge of coding is required.
  • Eager to learn.
  • Dedication



This course even for those who just stepped in coding world and for those too who have learned a basics of coding because this course will help you to make use of basics and create corporate ready web pages.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to HTML
Course Overview 00:05:00
History and Introduction 00:07:00
Setting up the IDE 00:08:00
Getting Started
Structure of HTML 00:14:00
Heading, Paragraph and Comments 00:18:00
Images and Attributes 00:13:00
Colors 00:11:00
Fonts 00:11:00
Tables 00:18:00
Links and lists 00:21:00
Forms. Labels, Input etc 00:16:00
One more thing: Understanding Displays 00:10:00
Exercise 00:01:00
Solution (Basic HTML) 00:10:00
Getting started with CSS
Classes And Id’s 00:11:00
Selectors And Combinators 00:20:00
Understanding Specificity 00:11:00
Overflow, Colors and background 00:20:00
Box Model: Border, Margin and padding 00:13:00
Formatting with CSS 00:16:00
Positions: Relative VS Absolute 00:14:00
Exercise 00:01:00
Solution (Basic CSS) 00:14:00
Basic Web Design Techniques
Introduction to Mastering Web Design 00:04:00
Understanding Colors 00:11:00
Mastering Typography 00:07:00
Specializing Images 00:07:00
Wrapping all we have learned 00:02:00
Responsive Web Development
Making web page responsive Part-1 00:12:00
Making web page responsive Part-2 00:10:00
Mastering CSS
Introduction to Mastering CSS 00:02:00
Borders 00:16:00
Background and Colors 00:23:00
Gradients and Shadows 00:17:00
Animations 00:30:00
Transitions 00:17:00
Buttons 00:29:00
Box Sizing 00:08:00
CSS Exercise (Mastering) 00:02:00
CSS Solution (Mastering) 00:32:00
Basic Intro to 2D and 3D animation 00:13:00
Our First Website (Complete Project))
Steps required for fully functional website 00:10:00
First Page : Intro 00:03:00
Header Part-1 00:49:00
Header Part-2 00:15:00
Header Part-3 00:23:00
Header Part-4 00:14:00
Second Page : Intro 00:02:00
Intro Part-1 00:20:00
Intro Part-2 00:25:00
Intro Part-3 00:31:00
Third Page : Intro 00:01:00
Contact Page Part-1 00:21:00
Contact Page Part-2 00:14:00
Contact Page Part-3 00:13:00
Fourth Page : Intro 00:01:00
Form Page Part-1 00:17:00
Form Page Part-2 00:20:00
Form Page Part-3 00:28:00
Footer Page Part-1 00:14:00
Footer Page Part-2 00:10:00
Congratulations 00:00:00

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