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You will demonstrate your understanding of the fundamental application components of programming for Android, how to build clean and compelling user interfaces, using view styles and theme attributes to apply a consistent look and feel across an entire application. Your app will connect with the internet sharing preferences and files, SQLite databases, content providers and libraries. You will design, plan, build and publish in the Google Play store your own Android Application.

Course Curriculum

Course Overview FREE 00:02:00
Introduction to Android FREE 00:05:00
Pre-requisites for programming in Android FREE 00:03:00
Installation and Project Structure of Android Studio
Downloading JDK 00:02:00
Installing JDK 00:02:00
Downloading Android Studio 00:02:00
Installation- Android Studio 00:01:00
Project structure- Android Studio 00:10:00
SDK Manager-Android 00:03:00
Running your first App 00:05:00
Architecture of Android 00:11:00
Views and Layouts
Linear layout 00:04:00
Relative Layout 00:06:00
Intents-Theory 00:03:00
Explicit Intents 00:07:00
Implicit Intents 00:08:00
Alerts in Android
Alerts & Toasts 00:03:00
Toasts-Practical 00:05:00
Alert Dialog 00:12:00
Notifications in Android 00:12:00
Working with Sensors
Sensors-theory 00:07:00
Shake Me App (Part-1) 00:09:00
Shake Me App (Part-2) 00:03:00
Permissions in Android
Permissions and its Types 00:07:00
Camera App 00:07:00
Location Services
Dealing with Location & Methods of Location Services 00:12:00
Current Location App 00:10:00
Storage Types in Android
Types of storage in android 00:04:00
Shared Preference App (Part-1) 00:11:00
Shared Preferences App (Part-2) 00:04:00
Media Elements (Audio and Video)
Android Media Framework 00:04:00
Introduction to Firebase API
What is Google Firebase ? 00:07:00
Firebase Realtime Database 00:06:00
Signing and Publishing your app on Play Store
Publish your app on Play Store 00:15:00
Generating Signed APK 00:06:00
Final Exam
Android Exam 00:20:00

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