Big Data with Hadoop

Learn from Basics to Advanced Concepts related to Big Data and Hadoop in a Simplified Way.


Learn what it takes to build Big Data analytics solutions.

This is the first stop in the Big Data curriculum from Cosmic Skills. It will help you get started with the curriculum, plan your learning schedule, and connect with fellow students and teaching assistants. Along the way, you’ll get an introduction to working with data and some fundamental concepts and technologies for Big Data scenarios.

What you’ll learn

  • How the Big Data curriculum works
  • An introduction to data formats, technologies, and techniques
  • Fundamentals of Databases
  • Basic principles for working with Big Data

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction FREE 00:10:00
What is Big Data & its relation with Hadoop FREE 00:06:00
What is Hadoop 00:10:00
Setting up the environment
Installation of VMware 00:05:00
Installation of Ubuntu(Main/Dual Boot) 00:50:00
Installation of Ubuntu(Vmware) 00:30:00
Installation of Apache Hadoop 00:15:00
Basics of Linux and Hadoop
Basic commands of Linux and Hadoop 00:13:00
Word count program using MapReduce 00:12:00
MapReduce Use Cases 00:00:00
Getting started with Apache Hive
Introduction of Hive 00:04:00
Installation of Hive 00:04:00
Basic commands of Hive 00:09:00
Word count program using Hive 00:07:00
Hive Partitioning 00:07:00
Hive Bucketing 00:08:00
Hashtag count using Hive 00:00:00
Getting familiar with Apache Pig
Introduction of Pig 00:04:00
Installation of Pig 00:02:00
Basic commands of Pig 00:08:00
Word count example using Pig 00:06:00
Pig Script 00:04:00
Demonetization analysis through Pig 00:00:00
Hadoop and Databases
Introduction of Sqoop 00:01:00
Installation of Sqoop and MySQL 00:06:00
New user creation in MySQL 00:02:00
Sqoop Import 00:08:00
Sqoop Export 00:05:00
Sqoop Eval 00:03:00
Apache HBase
Introduction of HBase 00:02:00
Installation of HBase 00:08:00
Connecting HBase with Hive 00:06:00
Apache Flume
Introduction of Flume 00:01:00
Twitter developer account 00:09:00
Fetching Twitter data using Flume 00:13:00
Getting started with MongoDB
MongoDB: Introduction 00:02:00
MongoDB: Installation 00:04:00
MongoDB: Basic commands 00:09:00
Final Exam
Big Data Exam 00:20:00

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  1. Course on Big Data with Hadoop


    In this course the practical session is good.

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