The course which will help you to understand how functionally of a front client side website do work. Starting from the basics and ending up toward mastering DOM, you will entirely understand working of JavaScript.

This course will make you understand how the need and the scope of JS and make you capable of developing and debugging any JS code. And will also lay base for JS based framework.



A decent system with any OS.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS will be beneficial.(NOT MANDATORY)

IDE of your choice.

Desire to learn.



This course is build for all kind of developer. You can understand it even if you don’t have any prior knowledge to coding as we do start from scratch and at the same time even if you know basics of JS this course will expertise you in JS. As we will build some amazing webapss.

Course Curriculum

Course Overview 00:07:00
Introduction to Javascript 00:06:00
Setting up IDE 00:09:00
Getting Started with Basics
Getting Started 00:02:00
Types of JS 00:14:00
Variables and Data Types 00:15:00
Comments 00:06:00
Assignments and Arithmetic 00:11:00
Logical and Ternary Operators 00:19:00
Operators 00:22:00
If and else 00:17:00
SWITCH Statement 00:07:00
Arrays 00:13:00
Loops and Iterators 00:18:00
Functions 00:27:00
Objects and Methods 00:18:00
Events 00:12:00
Hoisting 00:09:00
String and its Methods 00:26:00
‘this’ Keyword 00:15:00
DOM Manipulation
Getting Started with DOM 00:03:00
Introduction to DOM 00:05:00
Documents 00:12:00
Methods 00:21:00
Elements 00:21:00
HTML 00:08:00
CSS 00:09:00
DOM Events 00:11:00
Event Listeners 00:10:00
Animators 00:23:00
A Step Above Basics (Advance JS)
Getting started with Advanced JS 00:03:00
Functions 00:24:00
Objects 00:34:00
Forms 00:29:00
Closures 00:28:00
Shades of JS
Getting started with shades of JS 00:03:00
‘var’ , ‘vs’ and ‘const’ 00:23:00
Arrow Function 00:14:00
Destructuring 00:15:00
Strings 00:13:00
Classes 00:14:00
Classes with Subclasses 00:18:00
JS vs jQuery
JS vs jQuery : Introduction 00:02:00
jQuery selectors 00:18:00
jQuery HTML 00:10:00
jQuery CSS 00:11:00
jQuery DOM 00:15:00
Combining all we learned
JS Project : Section Intro 00:06:00
A new way to code JS 00:15:00
Reading input 00:15:00
Setting up event listeners 00:13:00
Function to initialize 00:17:00
Calculating the income and expenses 00:15:00
Adding new elements 00:30:00
Adding new elements to UI 00:23:00
Cleaning stuffs 00:23:00
Updating the container 00:27:00
Updating the UI controller 00:16:00
Deleting an event from calcCntrl – I 00:17:00
Deleting from calcCntrl – II 00:20:00
Deleting an event from UICntrl 00:16:00
Percentages calcController 00:26:00
Percentages UIController 00:13:00
String manipulation 00:23:00
Dates 00:13:00

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