Networking (R&S)


Learn the essentials of networks from basic network components to how the Internet connects all over the world.

Networks are all around us and you are using one right now to access this course.

Imagine for a moment, how different your life would be without access to Facebook, Snapchat, Google, YouTube, Whatsapp or any of the other websites on the Internet? How would you live with no Internet?

The Internet is extremely important in modern life today and all websites and Internet communication relies on networking. This reliance is only predicted to continue with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the next few years.

Without routers, switches, network cabling and protocols like BGP there would be no Internet!

This course will teach you how networks actually work and how you are able to connect to websites like Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

Companies throughout the world (from the smallest to the largest) rely on networks designed, installed and maintained by networking engineers. Join this in demand industry!

Start your journey today learning about networking.

Content in this course can be used towards Networking. 

Access our online simulations so you can practice on simulated Cisco routers and switches. You will get to type commands such as enable, configure terminal, router ospf and many others and learn how to configure devices.

In this course, you will learn about topics such as IP addressing, IP subnetting, Routing, Switches, VLANs, Spanning Tree, Network Address Translation, Wireless and a whole lot more.

The course covers the following topics including (and this list will be constantly updated):

  • Network basics
  • Network architectures (OSI Model)
  • What are hubs, switches, routers?
  • How is data forwarded through a network?
  • IP addresses
  • IP subnetting
  • Ethernet basics
  • TCP and UDP
  • DNS and DHCP
  • Routing
  • VLANs
  • ACLs

At the end of this course, you will be able to confidently discuss networking topics; and be able to start configuring real networking devices such as routers and switches.

The ideal student for this course is someone looking to break into the networking field, someone looking to extend their knowledge from PCs and servers to networking, or someone interested in getting knowledge to work in one of the most exciting, most in-demand jobs in IT – networking.

There are no requirements necessary to enroll in this course, I only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn.

Feel free to take a look at the course description and some of the sample free videos.


Course Curriculum

Section 1: Fundamentals of Networking
Introduction FREE 00:03:00
Networking Devices 00:03:00
DHCP 00:06:00
DNS 00:04:00
Section 2: The OSI Model
OSI Model part-I FREE 00:11:00
OSI Model part-II 00:17:00
Section 3: IP Addressing
IPv4 & IPv6 Addressing 00:23:00
Section 4: Classless IP Addressing
Easy Subnetting FREE 00:16:00
VLSM 00:18:00
Section 5: IP Routing
Introduction to Cisco Packet Tracer 00:10:00
Introduction to Routing 00:07:00
Static Routing Part-I 00:17:00
Static Routing Part-II 00:10:00
RIP Routing 00:11:00
RIPv2 Routing Part-I 00:10:00
RIPv2 Routing Part-II 00:05:00
EIGRP Routing 00:31:00
OSPF Routing 00:19:00
Section 6: Virtual LAN
VLAN & Inter VLAN Routing 00:27:00
Section 7: Security
Access Control List 00:28:00
Switching & Its features 00:05:00
Loop Avoidance (Spanning Tree Protocol) 00:07:00
Port Security 00:14:00
Wide Area Network
WAN Connection Types 00:13:00
HDLC Protocol 00:10:00
PPP (Point to Point Protocol) 00:05:00
PAP & CHAP 00:12:00
Frame Relay (Part 1) 00:12:00
Frame Relay (Part 2) 00:10:00
Frame Relay (Part 3) 00:22:00
Frame Relay (Part 4) 00:08:00
Network Address Translation (NAT) 00:16:00
Static NAT (Part 1) 00:00:17
Static NAT (Part 2) 00:11:00
Dynamic NAT 00:10:00
Port Address Translation (PAT) 00:09:00
Virtual Private Network (VPN) 00:08:00
GRE Tunneling 00:28:00
Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) 00:04:00
Final Exam
Networking Exam 00:30:00

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  1. 4

    Had a good training on Networking(R&S) learnt many new concepts

  2. Notes and More Examples on VLSM and Subnet Mask


    Course was Good and I understand the concept very quickly compare to other online courses.
    To make this course even better Try to give soft copy of written notes and try to make more videos of VLSM problems which will help to learn quickly.

  3. Networking Made Simple


    Beneficial for students who are trying to find a decent course on networking. Significant effort made by the instructor in simplifying all the concepts and presenting the same in an captivating manner.

  4. An Interesting Course


    The course was very helpful in understanding the concepts related to networking.The instuctor has explained the topics in a very simplified and in an interesting way.

  5. 4

    good training and they made it easy to understand

  6. About course


    Course was good and excellent teaching
    Good course
    Excellent teaching

  7. 5

    This course gives the exact and adequate knowledge of networking and their professional applications in varities of industries in a comprehensive way.

  8. Had a good training with many new topics and new concert.It was much interesting.



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