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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Machine Learning FREE 00:29:00
Python for data analysis
Numpy (Part-1) 00:16:00
Numpy (Part-2) 00:33:00
Pandas 00:35:00
Python for data visualization
Matplotlib (Part-1) 00:25:00
Matplotlib (Part-2) 00:14:00
Linear Regression
Linear Regression (Part-1) 00:11:00
Linear Regression (Part-2) 00:27:00
K Nearest Neighbors
Introduction to Supervised Learning 00:14:00
K Nearest Neighbors 00:22:00
Comparing different classification models
Comparing classification models (Part-1) 00:12:00
Comparing classification models (Part-2) 00:24:00
Comparing classification models (Part-3) 00:33:00
K means Clustering
K-means clustering 00:12:00
K-means clustering (Part-2) 00:32:00
Unsupervised Learning
Apriori Algorithm (Part-1) 00:19:00
Apriori Algorithm (Part-2) 00:24:00
Machine Learning Exam 00:20:00

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  1. Simplest way to learn Machine Learning


    Many institutes and organization has started with ML courses. This one was good. The way Ashish sir explained all the things was awesome simple and perfect. Revising all the content in next video kept me linked with the course and its content. The projects are also good, yes many coder want to learn and write their own program but sometimes referring the code is the part of training itself. Yes to make your own model then the explanation from the sir is sufficient

  2. 5

    while learning it was ok, but in a quiz, while answering I am not able to answer for some question.
    except that what they discussed was very nice. I learn how to view a problem.

  3. An okayish experience


    The course did not cover a lot of aspects in depth and only gave a basic overview.

  4. Good course for beginners


    The course curriculum is good. Topics are not covered fully in depth, you may require to refer additional resources for total understanding of the topics. It gave me a solid head start to Machine Learning.

  5. Good experience ......


    Hands on experience was cool

  6. Machine Learning


    The course content is repeated at certain places when we get to see the same video twice but under different head. The questions asked in the quiz section are not defined well… Some questions had no options as their definite answer and the coordinator was never available all through my project duration.

  7. Quality of training


    The quality of training I got is good, But I Think It can improved little bit. Overall my training experience is good.



    Overall the lectures were good. Allt the basics were covered. Apart from practice questions other contents were available. Would have been much better if there would have doubt sessions and some tuff concepts as well.

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